Youthquake Revolution

Divinity Necklace

Divinity - absolute being; divine nature.
This necklace can be viewed,
upside down + right side up.

A tree on top of the world representing the connection between us + Mother Nature.

On the flip side, the triangles signify the four elements; Earth, Air, Fire, Water while the circle symbolizes unity. When we come together, I believe unity has no sides.


For The love of Mother Nature

Earth, Air, Fire, Water.

We are Spirit. We are Soul. We are Earth.

The message is simple: We are one.

Wildflowers rising against the ordinary.

Approx 13 1/2" length
pendant - approx. 2" L x 1/2" W
Antiqued bronze, white bronze, brass
gunmetal plated ball chain
Made in USA