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Lily of the Valley Necklace

The Lily of the Valley is a lovely and beautifully fragrant flower that represents motherhood, purity, happiness, and luck in love. Its scientific name majalis means "of or belonging to May" so it is the birth flower of May. Legend also has it that Lily of the Valley sprang from Eve's tears when she was exiled from the Garden of Eden, so there is a strong sense of humility with this flower.

Product Details:

Chain length: 17.5"
Hand stamped brass circle pendant: 0.8"
16k gold plated brass dainty chain
16k gold plated brass lobster clasp
Original custom flower illustrated by Emma Mannino
Includes description card
Handmade in Fort Collins, CO
Brass care:

The inherent nature of brass is that it will patina over time due to exposure to oxygen and moisture from skin contact. A small polishing cloth is included to help keep your necklace's original shine.
Made in United States of America