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Pirette Beach Fragrance Oil


When you’d rather be at the beach, but find yourself landlocked, reach for this sunny fragrance oil crafted by PIRETTE. Inspired by the sun-washed feeling of a long day at the beach – toes in the sand and salt forming waves in your hair, their signature fragrance blends coconut, surf wax and sunscreen. Apply rollerball applicator to neck + pulse points. Scent will react to body heat and evolve through the day. Made with no alcohol, parabens, sulfates, phthalates or phosphates. Born in the waves of Newport Beach, CA, PIRETTE embodies surf culture with fragrances made with scents reminiscent of a day spent diving into the ocean. Like sunshine in a bottle, crafted from the highest quality ingredients to nurture and inspire memories of toes in the sand, no matter how far you are from the beach.

Made in the USA.